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Since 1982
Tellen Maschinenbau - weltweit
From Alfhausen to the world Everything from one source
Tellen Maschinenbau - Familienbetrieb
Customised machine building Inside the family-owned company
Tellen Maschinenbau - Stanz- & Biegetechnik
Stamping & forming technology Innovative solutions


We produce customised machines and highly automated production lines. Our special company philosophy: from development, building and assembly and across installation, start-up and service, the everything from on source. Highly qualified technical experts in the fields of machine building, engineering and electrical technology develop innovative production systems for our customers – special for new or further developed products for which simple standard solutions do not work.
Our strengths: We also think unconventionally. Founded as a one-man operation in 1982, today the company employs 85 workers who bring challenging projects to life. We convince customers with our thought-out concepts, long life designs and dependable service. Our high-sales customers are manufacturers of household washing machines and dryers, steel doors and gates, truck trailers or are active in the plastic film processing industry.
The machine building company is founded by Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Tellen in Kalkriese near Osnabrück as a one-man company. Shortly afterwards the company moved to the town of Alfhausen-Thiene.
First employee is hired. More specialists are hired over the years that follow. The facilities in Thiene become too small.
Company of 9 employees moves into their own production buildings with a production hall and office area at Industriestraße in the town of Alfhausen.
The first apprentices as machine building technicians are brought on board.
Second production hall is built in order to keep up with the new market demand of the new states of former East Germany. At this time 14 employees are employed in the company.
The first production systems are exported to foreign countries.
Our production systems become more comprehensive as the wish by customers for complete systems increases. More personnel join the company.
A third production hall and larger office space are built. More and more orders from foreign countries drive business.
Company restructures from Bernhard Tellen company to Tellen Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, and continues to be managed by Bernhard Tellen. Approximately 50% of sales are generated by export.
A fourth production hall is added, thus expanding the production area to 2,500 square meters.
Office space expands to 400 square meters. 50 employees are working in the company.
Daughter Dipl.-Ing. Lisa Kenning and son Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Tellen join the company.
Production and assembly areas grow to 4,700 square meters.
Lisa Kenning and Johannes Tellen granted power of procuration. Company is named as “apprenticeship-provider of the year” by the education region of northern Osnabrück.
Tellen Maschinenbau invests in a 7-axis travelling milling machine with a 7 x 1.5 meter travel range.
85 workers, among them 15 apprentices, work in the company.

Fields of activity

We develop and construct customised machines and systems. Cooperation with our customers often begins in the early phase where a concept for an economic production of new or already on the market products is worked out. Every customer adds his product-specific knowledge into the concept. In close cooperation we develop and build complex and efficient production systems – including special production control systems which we connect to the customer’s existing software and ERP system.


Customer contact, cost estimation, preliminary designs, offers


Technical procurement, order-related material procurement

Design and Engineering

Machine conceptualisation, engineering drawings with CAD, component layout and hydraulic and pneumatic design

Electrical Department

Circuit diagrammes, switch cabinets, laying electrical lines, assembly and system start-up

Machining Centre

CNC milling, CNC lathe, surface grinding, erosion, bending and stamping


Installing components as to plans until complete machine is assembled, hydraulics and pneumatics, on-site system start-up


Producing user handbooks as well as CE documentation

Software development

SPS programming, user control panels, databank programming, computer control systems


Diagnostics, maintenance, repair, advising


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Metal panel handling portals

Handling portals for the automatic loading and unloading of metal panels up to 10,000 mm long onto laser, stamping and bending systems.

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Chained stamping and bending system

Completely automated production lines from a stack of sheet metals to 4-side finished bent components; e.g. door panels, door frames - including production control system with direct ERP connection.

  • 1
Stamping and bending line for structural profiles

From coil to finished stamped and bent C and Z profiles – from 800 to 9,000 mm profile lengths. For this application we developed bending units with 9,000 mm bending lengths.

  • 1
Inline stamping systems

For stamping long, narrow components, e.g. long supports and exterior frames for the production of trailers, and door frames for the door industry.

  • 1
Production lines for washing machine drums

Stamping and embossing of stainless steel sheets into drum shells every 10 seconds. System for rounding and connecting the sheets into drums including embossing while in a round condition.

  • 1
Housing panel line

Production of dryer side panels every 6.5 seconds.

  • 1
Film processing

Equipment for laying the side folds and interior embossing of blown tubular films. Micro-perforation and embossing – also intermittently.

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Clamping ring production

System for producing clamping rings for closing lye containers. The clamping ring is profiled from a metal strip, which is drawn off from a coil.



Education and job training

We place a lot of importance on the education and career-start of young, skilled workers. We train and educate for the occupations of precision mechanics, electronics specialists for automation, and technical product design. Currently we have 15 young men and women undergoing apprenticeships. We maintain close contact with local education institutes in the region. There is active cooperation with the von-Ravensberg-Schule in the neighboring town of Bersenbrück and with the August-Benninghaus school in the town of Ankum.



For students of lower, middle and upper secondary schools internships are offered. We also gladly offer internships to young adults with A-Level examination to get the admission to technical curriculum. We also support in-house engineering dissertations, graduation theses for technical educations, practical semesters and internships in the fields of mechanical building and electrical technology.



We offer skilled workers in the fields of CNC machining, precision mechanics and electrical technology an attractive work environment. In the design department, experts work in the fields of mechanical engineering, machine building technology and engineering product design. In software programming we mainly have electrical engineering specialists. Occasionally we search for new employees for our special departments or administration.

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